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With the recent migration of data into the Odyssey system there have been countless instances of delays and glitches that have caused inconvenience and hardship to many people.

Examples of these difficulties include arrest warrants being issued on previously dismissed cases, cases not appearing on the docket at all and handled cases not being updated by DMV.

This $100 million digital records system called “ecourts” has resulted in extra work and extra stress endured by attorneys such as myself.

In this period of transition you should know that I am doing everything in my power to find, handle and update your case.

However, the system has led to many issues becoming outside of my control. I ask for your patience in this trying time in dealing with this new system.

Traffic Ticket Facts Or Myths

As long as it has to do with traffic violations, there are long-standing misconceptions that cause confusion and misunderstanding amongst most people charges with traffic offenses. Here is where a raleigh traffic ticket lawyer would help.However,some of these are :

You can plead not guilty when in court regarding a speeding ticket if the radar is inaccurate

Myth. This is a common excuse that many motorists use in defending themselves in court. The sad news is that judges have heard it countless times and so are not ready to accept it. The only time this excuse can fly in court is when a person can provide an evidence to back up the claim. The only evidence you can provide if you are defending yourself is by asking for the officer’s calibration records. It is, however, advisable you hire a  raleigh traffic ticket lawyer to be better prepared.

Mistakes on ticket do not render such ticket invalid

Fact. Mistakes such as misspellings and typos on the part of the officer could occur on tickets. The judge, will, however, not consider this good enough reason to cancel the ticket and as long as the license number is correct than any adjudication will be reported to the DMV.

You are free from the ticket because the officer forgot to ask you to sign it

Myth. You have not been let off the hook. Not signing a traffic ticket will not render the ticket invalid. Your signature is only needed to assure that you will not be missing in court on a scheduled date. What this means is that with or without your signature, the ticket is still very much valid.

I was not issued a ticket in my state, so my drivers license record will not be affected

Myth and Fact. You cannot rely on the fact that the ticket was not issued to you in your state as a reason to relax. It is very common to see states belonging to the Interstate Driver’s License Compact (DLC). What this means is that such participating states will forward such violations to your state. When this is the case, the assumption above becomes a myth. On the other hand, if you are lucky and your state does not belong to DLC, then you may be right after all. But do bear in mind that your state could join DLC anytime without announcing it. It is always better to get in touch with a traffic ticket lawyer serving raleigh to know when you are safe or not.

The ticket will be dropped in court if the officer fails to appear

Conditional. There are some judges that will require that the officer makes an appearance while others will still try the case whether or not the officer is present in court.  Moreover, the officer will be given a chance to appear just like you would.   Most of the time an officer’s failure to appear is only grounds for dismissal if that officer’s appearance cannot be procured by the State.

Fines and Costs for NC Speeding Tickets

Many people all around the world fall victim to traffic violations. It is not limited to North Carolina alone. There are issues that could lead to over speeding and other traffic violations which in many cases are not intentional. But the bottom line is that once you are issued a speeding ticket, you must respond to the ticket if you want to continue driving with a valid driver’s license. It is always advisable to consult with a raleigh traffic ticket lawyer serving raleigh who would be helpful if you know some of the fines and costs that are associated with a speeding ticket in North Carolina.

It is worthy of note that although there are some violations that are not mandatory that you appear in court.  However, if you pay them not only are you pleading guilty but you are paying the maximum fine and costs allowed for that case.  It is advisable in those circumstances to hire a lawyer to avoid not only the inconvenience of coming to court but also saving on insurance costs.    Even if you citation requires a mandatory appearance most of these are  “waivable” meaning that you can afford to be absence in court and have your lawyer appear on your behalf. Here are some of the traffic violation fines and their cost that you should be aware of –

Speeding or driving under 80 mph but over a 55 mph limit – For this, you will be fined $10 for speed limit within 0-5 mph plus an additional $188 fee to be paid for court fees and costs. This is notwithstanding the money that will be paid to a raleigh traffic ticket lawyer. For 6 -10 mph speeds, a fine of $15 will be charged the person found guilty on the spot. There will also be an added $188 fee for court costs. Then for a speed limit of 11 -15 mph, the sum of $30 will be fined anyone issued such a ticket. The person should also bear in mind that court costs will be made with a possibility of having their license suspended. Do note that the same costs and fines apply to anyone considered to be speeding over the approved speed limit especially when the person’s driving is under 55 mph.

When a person fails to slow down in order to avoid an impending accident and is charged with that then the person will be billed with a fine and costs of $238.00.   However, if you call a lawyer at normally these cases can be dismissed for much less than this amount.  Bear in mind that court fees and costs in North Carolina for speeding tickets can be as high as $100 or more. But this confusion can be erased if you employ the services of a raleigh speeding ticket lawyer.

The traffic offense that attracts the most fine in this category is being found guilty of speeding in a work zone or a school zone. The fine for this is $250 plus the court fees.

The purpose of listing these speeding fines and costs is not for you to pay the fines when issued a speeding ticket. Doing so will simply mean that you are pleading guilty. Bear in mind that pleading guilty attracts point on your driving record and can increase the rates you pay on your insurance. Always work with a raleigh traffic ticket attorney or better still, contact the Law Office of Douglas E. Portnoy for best guidance and defense for your traffic tickets.

Reasons Your Driver’s License was Revoked And What To Do To Get It Back

You are probably reading this because you have had your driver’s license revoked, or you have been handling it all by yourself and now think of probably getting help from experts. You could also be reading it for the mere fact that you want to be informed in case you find yourself in a situation that threatens your driver’s license. Whatever be the case, you have come to the right place from where you could find a good raleigh traffic ticket lawyer to assist you.

Without wasting further time, we will get right to the major reasons your license was or could be revoked.

Many people get surprised when they get arrested for driving with a suspended driver’s license, and this is because they did not know that their license had been revoked in the first place. Without a lawyer, you may not know why North Carolina DMV revoked or suspended your license. Here are some reasons you may find yourself in such situation:

One of the reasons is due to Failure to Appear simply referred to as FTA. When you fail to appear in court or have a lawyer represent you in court, you could end up with a revoked or suspended license.

Another reason is if you have violated some traffic rules. This is something you really need a raleigh traffic ticket attorney to help you out with. When you violate some traffic rules, the consequence of such action could amount to having your driver’s license revoked or suspended. Violations like speeding over 15 more than the accepted limit or more than 55 mph, speeding over 75 mph, racing among others could deny you rights to your driver’s license.

When you are convicted of DWI, that is, driving while intoxicated, your license will be suspended. The length of time your license stands revoked will depend on if you have been convicted before or if it was actually your first time.

Your license could be suspended or revoked when you have too many tickets piled up that have not been attended to. You get points for each speeding ticket you are issued with. When the points you have received reaches 12 or is more than that within a period of 3 years, your driver’s license will be suspended automatically. Then again you will need the help of a raleigh speeding ticket attorney to get out of the situation.

Under no circumstance should you ignore a suspended or revoked license. You stand the risk of going to jail for up to 120 days if you are caught driving with a license that has been revoked. The cheapest, simplest, and most convenient way of getting your license back or increasing the chances of getting it back is by employing the services of a raleigh traffic ticket lawyer.

What To Do When Charged With Wake County DUI

You are not alone in this situation. Chances are that there are a thousand others who have been charged with the same offense. One thing you should know is that North Carolina laws can leave one confused. You will be lost for what to do or what your next course of action should be. It can also be very frightening when you do not know the outcome of the ticket you have been issued for driving under the influence of alcohol or simply termed DUI.This is where a good raleigh traffic ticket would come in.

Agreed, it is a frightening situation because a lot of things are at stake, but the good news is that we will help you out when stuck in such a situation. There is no reason you should go through this alone. Do not jump into impromptu decisions. This is when you need a lawyer the most. Another thing you should note is that time is of the essence. You should not waste time in employing the services of a lawyer because any delay could mean losing your case.

Here is what you stand of being charged with when convicted of a First Offense for driving under the influence of alcohol – a fine, a suspension of your license for up to a year or more. Additional penalties can also arise from this. But this is not to scare you, but to make you understand the importance of getting the services of a lawyer.

This is why it is important that you do not go through the process alone. The law office of Douglas E. Portnoy will help you from the beginning to the very end. They are not about to leave you to suffer the consequences of your actions alone. Like a caring brother, they will take you by hand and represent you at NC DMV hearing, defend you against criminal charges, assist you in getting a limited driving privilege in NC, among others.

A good raleigh traffic ticket lawyer like those at the Law office of Douglas E. Portnoy will ensure that you go through the process as painlessly, affordably and quickly as possible with the best positive outcome. There are other lawyers that can offer you the same services, but none of them can take up your case as personally as Mr. Portnoy would. Their law office is well experienced in defending DUI cases in North Carolina. What this means is that you save money that would have been spent were you to hire inexperienced people or doing it by yourself.

The Law Office of Douglas E. Portnoy is ever ready to offer its services to you any day of the week. Whatever be the case, they will get you out of a complicated situation as long as it has to do with raleigh traffic ticket. You can get started at getting a good lawyer by getting in touch with the law office for a free consultation. You can be sure the issue is not as bad as it seems.

Before Paying Off Your Speeding Ticket, Think About The Hidden Consequences

A speeding ticket may look simple but can have very serious consequences. You are risking the loss your drivers’ license, having additional fine or landing with a skyrocketed insurance rate. You would be accepting that if you simply pay the fine you are imposed. You also could be pleading guilty to a  misdemeanor offense without knowing it. But if you choose to get in touch with lawyer from raleigh you will be  better protected from all these bad consequences.

We cannot overemphasize the need to get in touch with a raleigh traffic ticket lawyer before paying off your speeding ticket. When you get involved with good lawyers like that at, you will have access to a free consultation so that you get the best lawyer that will make the process stress-free and struggle free. You may end up with lesser charges or outright dismissal.

When you consult with a good attorney, such attorney helps you in contesting the speeding traffic ticket you have been issued with. Such attorney can reduce to the lower moving violation charge or have it dismissed out rightly. In a situation where that is not attainable, a good raleigh traffic ticket lawyer can move your case to “improper equipment” violation which is non-moving. It is the duty of the attorney to stand in and defend you in court. The attorney will also fight to ensure that you are not deprived of your driving privileges.

In the event that your license is revoked during a plea sentence or agreement, we will help you arrange for  a limited driving privileges that you may not be able to get on your own. It is only reasonable and practical to hire a speeding ticket lawyer whenever you are given a speeding ticket. It is your best bet retaining your driver’s license, regaining a clean record, and prevent ing higher penalties that could arise from a later moving violation termed as a second offense.

You get to know your options only when you speak with a raleigh lawyer serving ticket. Failure to handle your ticket wrongly can get you insurance points that will take years for you to offset. Your premiums will rise to up to fifty percent t for at least 3 years when such happens. It will do you better than harm to end up with a reduction to improper equipment. This way, you will have no DMV or insurance points.

Get in touch with us on 919-729-9000 and we will be glad to furnish you with all the details you need to know about the particular traffic violation you have been issued a ticket for. We can discuss with you over the phone or a visit to our office at Law Office of Douglas E. Portnoy, PLLC 2840 Plaza Place, Suite 315 Raleigh, NC 27612. Your convenience is what we care about the most.

5 Things A Raleigh Speeding Ticket Lawyer Can Do For You

So you just got slapped with a speeding ticket? Not many people can boost of having no speeding ticket given to them all through their life.  Speeding tickets are one of the most common tickets that people receive. Some people were lucky enough to pay the ticket and carried on with their lives, while some others weren’t so lucky. Paying the ticket might not be the best decision. The reason for this is because paying off your ticket means pleading guilty which can shoot up your insurance premiums.

Another important thing to note is that the ticket you have been issued with contains hidden charges most of the time. You could end up paying into the future on a single speeding ticket. Here’s how we can be of help to you –

  1. They may get you out of the ticket

The first call to duty of a speeding ticket lawyer serving raleigh is to help you avoid the impact of a speeding ticket. You as an average person may not see a way out of the ticket you have been given, but a lawyer on the other hand, will. The lawyer knows the technicalities to use, and they know how to find errors in a ticket.

  1. They charge rates that are fair

There might be some lawyers that charge outrageous fees to defend their client, but an average raleigh lawyer serving ticket  would think twice before billing you with charges that can scare you away. The reason they charge fair is because they wouldn’t want you to choose the option of paying for the ticket than hiring them to help you out. The paperwork involved in offsetting your traffic ticket is another thing you might consider.

  1. They can reduce the amount you get to pay

In situations where there is no evidence of mistake found in your ticket, which would have gotten you out of the ticket, all hope is not lost because there is still a way out. We can get to negotiate your ticket so that you do not get to pay all. The raleigh lawyer knows what to use in pleading your case and in convincing the judge to reconsider the fine.

  1. Experienced lawyers intimidate prosecutors

Yes, you read right. When you make use of a traffic ticket attorney from raleigh that knows his or her onion, you can be sure that the prosecutor will be intimidated. No one wants to mess around with a lawyer that has been around for many years and knows what is applicable in the system. When you have a lawyer, the prosecutors will not bully you around.

  1. Raleigh lawyer protects your rights

Many drivers only know the common rights they have as a driver. The lawyer knows the rights you have as a driver. This is why the lawyer can defend you better than you can defend yourself when involved in a traffic offense ticket.

Save Time And Money With A Raleigh Traffic Ticket Attorney

Have you been slammed with a hefty speeding ticket?  Have you been cited for allegedly running a red light? Are you battling with the decision of whether to pay the charge or to appear in court and defend your case? If you are going through any of the cases mentioned above, you need not worry because we are here to help you out.

You see, it is not every time that we are careful about running a red light or abiding by the acceptable speed limit. There are a lot of things that can cause us to throw caution to the wind occasionally. There has been an incidence where our client was given a ticket for over speeding and this client was simply trying to beat time to take his unconscious mother to the hospital. Yeah, you might wonder why he did not call an ambulance, well, he was not thinking straight at the time. But the bottom line is that he got a ticket and what saved him at the end of the matter was a traffic ticket attorney in raleigh .

What about our client that ran a red light because of he was trying to get to a loved one’s funeral? No, the law enforcement agent was not ready to know your reason for running a red light. We quite agree that running a red light can be very dangerous because someone’s life might be involved. But, there are some cases where it is not your fault. Who in their right mind would run a red light? It is either such a person is emotionally depressed or is distracted in some way. This is where a ticket lawyer serving raleigh comes to the rescue.

We at Law Office of Douglas Portnoy are equipped to help in defending you in court should you fall victim of traffic offenses. We will patiently listen to you. As a matter of fact, you do not have to step a foot from your home to get our services. We will defend you in court while you take care of other businesses that are more important. A raleigh traffic ticket lawyer is what will get you out of a messy traffic ticket. You could end up paying just a fraction of the original price you were slammed with. Yes, we are that good.

Do not waste any more time or go to settle your ticket without first consulting with a raleigh speeding ticket lawyer. You might think that you will get a clean license with low charges, but will end up surprised and disappointed when you realize the true nature of your traffic charge.

We will do you the world of good. You will be surprised at how easy an attorney can make the process become for you. You wouldn’t know you are going through a lawsuit. Our experience in the field will be of great help to you. Therefore, whenever you are involved in a traffic offense, get in touch with us right away so we get to nip it in the bud.

Who to talk to when issued with a Raleigh traffic ticket

Who to talk to when issued with a Raleigh traffic ticket

Anyone can become a victim of a traffic offense. It could be as a result just not paying attention to your speed, or being emotionally  unstable coming from losing a loved one, getting involved in a fight with a partner, or having too much to drink at a party. When you are not in a good state of mind, you lose control of what happens around you.  When such happens, do not worry because with a raleigh traffic ticket lawyer , you can come out with a result that can avoid additional financial problems.

Oftentimes when a ticket is issued the  highway patrol officer or other law enforcement agencies will tell you the ticket is not a big deal and they will put in a good work with the District Attorney. The reason they do this is because they wish to avoid confrontation. They work hand in hand with the District Attorney, and so they share a common goal which unfortunately may not be in your best interest. This is why you need not talk with the law enforcement officials when you have been issued a ticket. The only person you should be looking for is a  traffic lawyer serving raleigh.

The reason for this is because such attorney is the one that has your interest at heart. Your attorney is there to defend you and help you make the right decisions. The law enforcement agencies are there to make money for the state. Your ticket lawyer serving raleigh will give you legal advice and also defend you in court. Such attorney knows what is obtainable under North Carolina law and therefore will be poised to help you reduce the charge, remove insurance increase or outright dismissal of the case. The simple rule you should go by is never to discuss your ticket with the police no matter what.

More reasons you should choose an attorney over a police officer

You may wonder why you are advised against speaking with a police officer. After all, the police officer sounded nice, was friendly and even looked like he had pity on you and gave you the ticket he gave you. Do not fall for this. They are not what they seem to be. A ticket lawyer serving raleigh, on the other hand, has his or her reputation to defend apart from defending your case. Every attorney prides him or herself in winning a case. Winning your case will be an added bonus to an attorney’s profile.

Another reason a  traffic raleigh ticket attorney will be preferably is because the attorney will work towards preserving the status of your driver’s license and where possible, reduce and bring down the cost of insurance that you were asked to pay.

In conclusion, the Law Office of Douglas Portnoy has all the experience to handle all your traffic offenses. We will get it right for you the first time. We know what to expect, while the law enforcement agency is only interested in convincing you to pay. We are waiting for your call or email so we can get right to work on your ticket defence.

DWLR Law Changes

raleigh traffic ticket lawyer

Beginning this year,  the offense of DWLR does not carry a mandatory 1 year suspension as long as the revocation did not occur as a result of a DWI.   What the law does is basically make a common DWLR offense a non-moving violation for license purposes.  This law does not apply for offenses committed prior to December 31, 2015.   Therefore, one would still need to either get those charges dismissed or use a prayer for judgment to avoid a suspension.   This is good news for clients moving forward.

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