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Fines and Costs for NC Speeding Tickets

Many people all around the world fall victim to traffic violations. It is not limited to North Carolina alone. There are issues that could lead to over speeding and other traffic violations which in many cases are not intentional. But the bottom line is that once you are issued a speeding ticket, you must respond to the ticket if you want to continue driving with a valid driver’s license. It is always advisable to consult with a raleigh traffic ticket lawyer serving raleigh who would be helpful if you know some of the fines and costs that are associated with a speeding ticket in North Carolina.

It is worthy of note that although there are some violations that are not mandatory that you appear in court.  However, if you pay them not only are you pleading guilty but you are paying the maximum fine and costs allowed for that case.  It is advisable in those circumstances to hire a lawyer to avoid not only the inconvenience of coming to court but also saving on insurance costs.    Even if you citation requires a mandatory appearance most of these are  “waivable” meaning that you can afford to be absence in court and have your lawyer appear on your behalf. Here are some of the traffic violation fines and their cost that you should be aware of –

Speeding or driving under 80 mph but over a 55 mph limit – For this, you will be fined $10 for speed limit within 0-5 mph plus an additional $188 fee to be paid for court fees and costs. This is notwithstanding the money that will be paid to a raleigh traffic ticket lawyer. For 6 -10 mph speeds, a fine of $15 will be charged the person found guilty on the spot. There will also be an added $188 fee for court costs. Then for a speed limit of 11 -15 mph, the sum of $30 will be fined anyone issued such a ticket. The person should also bear in mind that court costs will be made with a possibility of having their license suspended. Do note that the same costs and fines apply to anyone considered to be speeding over the approved speed limit especially when the person’s driving is under 55 mph.

When a person fails to slow down in order to avoid an impending accident and is charged with that then the person will be billed with a fine and costs of $238.00.   However, if you call a lawyer at normally these cases can be dismissed for much less than this amount.  Bear in mind that court fees and costs in North Carolina for speeding tickets can be as high as $100 or more. But this confusion can be erased if you employ the services of a raleigh speeding ticket lawyer.

The traffic offense that attracts the most fine in this category is being found guilty of speeding in a work zone or a school zone. The fine for this is $250 plus the court fees.

The purpose of listing these speeding fines and costs is not for you to pay the fines when issued a speeding ticket. Doing so will simply mean that you are pleading guilty. Bear in mind that pleading guilty attracts point on your driving record and can increase the rates you pay on your insurance. Always work with a raleigh traffic ticket attorney or better still, contact the Law Office of Douglas E. Portnoy for best guidance and defense for your traffic tickets.

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