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Traffic Ticket Facts Or Myths

As long as it has to do with traffic violations, there are long-standing misconceptions that cause confusion and misunderstanding amongst most people charges with traffic offenses. Here is where a raleigh traffic ticket lawyer would help.However,some of these are :

You can plead not guilty when in court regarding a speeding ticket if the radar is inaccurate

Myth. This is a common excuse that many motorists use in defending themselves in court. The sad news is that judges have heard it countless times and so are not ready to accept it. The only time this excuse can fly in court is when a person can provide an evidence to back up the claim. The only evidence you can provide if you are defending yourself is by asking for the officer’s calibration records. It is, however, advisable you hire a  raleigh traffic ticket lawyer to be better prepared.

Mistakes on ticket do not render such ticket invalid

Fact. Mistakes such as misspellings and typos on the part of the officer could occur on tickets. The judge, will, however, not consider this good enough reason to cancel the ticket and as long as the license number is correct than any adjudication will be reported to the DMV.

You are free from the ticket because the officer forgot to ask you to sign it

Myth. You have not been let off the hook. Not signing a traffic ticket will not render the ticket invalid. Your signature is only needed to assure that you will not be missing in court on a scheduled date. What this means is that with or without your signature, the ticket is still very much valid.

I was not issued a ticket in my state, so my drivers license record will not be affected

Myth and Fact. You cannot rely on the fact that the ticket was not issued to you in your state as a reason to relax. It is very common to see states belonging to the Interstate Driver’s License Compact (DLC). What this means is that such participating states will forward such violations to your state. When this is the case, the assumption above becomes a myth. On the other hand, if you are lucky and your state does not belong to DLC, then you may be right after all. But do bear in mind that your state could join DLC anytime without announcing it. It is always better to get in touch with a traffic ticket lawyer serving raleigh to know when you are safe or not.

The ticket will be dropped in court if the officer fails to appear

Conditional. There are some judges that will require that the officer makes an appearance while others will still try the case whether or not the officer is present in court.  Moreover, the officer will be given a chance to appear just like you would.   Most of the time an officer’s failure to appear is only grounds for dismissal if that officer’s appearance cannot be procured by the State.

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