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Who to talk to when issued with a Raleigh traffic ticket

Who to talk to when issued with a Raleigh traffic ticket

Anyone can become a victim of a traffic offense. It could be as a result just not paying attention to your speed, or being emotionally  unstable coming from losing a loved one, getting involved in a fight with a partner, or having too much to drink at a party. When you are not in a good state of mind, you lose control of what happens around you.  When such happens, do not worry because with a raleigh traffic ticket lawyer , you can come out with a result that can avoid additional financial problems.

Oftentimes when a ticket is issued the  highway patrol officer or other law enforcement agencies will tell you the ticket is not a big deal and they will put in a good work with the District Attorney. The reason they do this is because they wish to avoid confrontation. They work hand in hand with the District Attorney, and so they share a common goal which unfortunately may not be in your best interest. This is why you need not talk with the law enforcement officials when you have been issued a ticket. The only person you should be looking for is a  traffic lawyer serving raleigh.

The reason for this is because such attorney is the one that has your interest at heart. Your attorney is there to defend you and help you make the right decisions. The law enforcement agencies are there to make money for the state. Your ticket lawyer serving raleigh will give you legal advice and also defend you in court. Such attorney knows what is obtainable under North Carolina law and therefore will be poised to help you reduce the charge, remove insurance increase or outright dismissal of the case. The simple rule you should go by is never to discuss your ticket with the police no matter what.

More reasons you should choose an attorney over a police officer

You may wonder why you are advised against speaking with a police officer. After all, the police officer sounded nice, was friendly and even looked like he had pity on you and gave you the ticket he gave you. Do not fall for this. They are not what they seem to be. A ticket lawyer serving raleigh, on the other hand, has his or her reputation to defend apart from defending your case. Every attorney prides him or herself in winning a case. Winning your case will be an added bonus to an attorney’s profile.

Another reason a  traffic raleigh ticket attorney will be preferably is because the attorney will work towards preserving the status of your driver’s license and where possible, reduce and bring down the cost of insurance that you were asked to pay.

In conclusion, the Law Office of Douglas Portnoy has all the experience to handle all your traffic offenses. We will get it right for you the first time. We know what to expect, while the law enforcement agency is only interested in convincing you to pay. We are waiting for your call or email so we can get right to work on your ticket defence.

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