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Reasons Your Driver’s License was Revoked And What To Do To Get It Back

You are probably reading this because you have had your driver’s license revoked, or you have been handling it all by yourself and now think of probably getting help from experts. You could also be reading it for the mere fact that you want to be informed in case you find yourself in a situation that threatens your driver’s license. Whatever be the case, you have come to the right place from where you could find a good raleigh traffic ticket lawyer to assist you.

Without wasting further time, we will get right to the major reasons your license was or could be revoked.

Many people get surprised when they get arrested for driving with a suspended driver’s license, and this is because they did not know that their license had been revoked in the first place. Without a lawyer, you may not know why North Carolina DMV revoked or suspended your license. Here are some reasons you may find yourself in such situation:

One of the reasons is due to Failure to Appear simply referred to as FTA. When you fail to appear in court or have a lawyer represent you in court, you could end up with a revoked or suspended license.

Another reason is if you have violated some traffic rules. This is something you really need a raleigh traffic ticket attorney to help you out with. When you violate some traffic rules, the consequence of such action could amount to having your driver’s license revoked or suspended. Violations like speeding over 15 more than the accepted limit or more than 55 mph, speeding over 75 mph, racing among others could deny you rights to your driver’s license.

When you are convicted of DWI, that is, driving while intoxicated, your license will be suspended. The length of time your license stands revoked will depend on if you have been convicted before or if it was actually your first time.

Your license could be suspended or revoked when you have too many tickets piled up that have not been attended to. You get points for each speeding ticket you are issued with. When the points you have received reaches 12 or is more than that within a period of 3 years, your driver’s license will be suspended automatically. Then again you will need the help of a raleigh speeding ticket attorney to get out of the situation.

Under no circumstance should you ignore a suspended or revoked license. You stand the risk of going to jail for up to 120 days if you are caught driving with a license that has been revoked. The cheapest, simplest, and most convenient way of getting your license back or increasing the chances of getting it back is by employing the services of a raleigh traffic ticket lawyer.

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