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Driving with a Revoked License

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The driving while license revoked charge (dwlr) is one of the most common and most misunderstood charges that I deal with.  A driving without a license and driving with a license revoked are very different charges and are often confused with one another. A driving while license revoked charge is issued if a person drives a vehicle after his or her license privilege was revoked.   Whereas, a driving without a license charge is issued if a driver does not have their license on them or does not have an active license.    Even if you have never had a license issued you can still be charged with driving while license revoked. For instance, if you commit a revocable offense (i.e. speeding over 70 in a 55 zone) or if you accumulate 12 points or if you fail to appear in court or pay a fine NC DMV will revoke your privilege to drive. If you then are caught driving during your suspension period then you will be charged with driving while license revoked. This is where you would need an experienced raleigh traffic ticket lawyer.

The law has changed recently for this charge. If you were charged with driving while license revoked prior to December 1, 2013 then it will likely be a Class 1 misdemeanor. This is a serious offense that may cause jail time as well as loss of your license privilege. If you were charged with driving while license revoked after December 1, 2013, however, your charge will likely be considered a lesser Class 3 misdemeanor which should not result in jail time. No matter when the offense occurred a conviction of driving while license revoked will cause at least a one year driver’s license suspension.

Driving While License Revoked for Impaired Driving

If your license was revoked for impaired driving this is a Class 1 misdemeanor. To establish the new Class 1 misdemeanor offense under G.S. 20-28(a). The “impaired driving” while revoked charge also covers a refusal, an out-of-state dwi and transporting an open container of alcohol among other such offenses.

No Waiver. If you are charged with driving while license revoked under G.S. 20-28(a) you may NOT waive appearance and trial and plead guilty by submission of a written form and payment of a fine and costs.

What can a Raleigh Traffic Ticket Lawyer do for you?

I have handled thousands of driving while revoked charges in the last 20 years.   What I can do is analyze your driving record to see what can be done to reinstated your license.   I then can work with you to get your license privilege into a position where you are ready to take care of the  pending driving while license revoked charge.   This may involve pleading to old charges, changing old charges or getting old charges dismissed.  If you have been charged with a driving while license revoked please give me a call for a free no obligation consultation to discuss your case.

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