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Driving Without Insurance

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Driving Without Insurance

Driving Without Insurance is a very serious charge that can result in severe consequences both inside and outside the court system. The charge itself is a class 3 misdemeanor and a conviction will result in 1 insurance point and 3 license points.

There are several other problems that customarily arise in these situations.

1. If the driver was involved in an at fault automobile accident at the time of the offense then their privilege license is subject to being revoked until the damages to the other driver are paid.
2. If NC DMV is notified of a lapse in insurance coverage and the owner is unable to prove
Insurance coverage was continuous then he or she will be assessed a civil penalty of between $50.00 and $150.00. The tags will also have to turned in for 30 days.

Our firm has over 20 years of experience in handling driving without insurance charges. We have negotiated with third parties regarding settlement of claims in order to have licensed reinstated. We are familiar with the various issues surrounding this charge and can assist in resolving the ticket as well as other license and license tag issues. If you have been charged with a no insurance violation then please give us a call for a free no obligation consultation.

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