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Unsafe Movement/Failure to Yield

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These offenses are  infractions at are frequently handled by our office and require careful attention to avoid an insurance increase.   By law you cannot overtake a vehicle in a no passing zone or cross the double yellow line.   You cannot use a turn lane to pass another vehicle on the left if you do not proceed to turn.   Unless there are no other drivers around,you must operate your turn signal before making a lane change.   Committing any of these offenses is grounds for a traffic stop. You can also be ticketed if you fail to yield to traffic such as when making a right turn and not allowing a vehicle with a left turn arrow to cross in front of you before  proceeding in the same direction.


Most tickets for an illegal lane change will cost the driver a fine and in can cause up to4 points on your license and 2 points on your insurance which can result in a 45% insurance premium surcharge.    We can defend you on these types of tickets and help you avoid these consequences.

How can a Raleigh Traffic Ticket Attorney help you?

At the Law Offices of Douglas E. Portnoy, PLLC., we know the best way to handle these types of tickets so that you can avoid any complications with your license or suffer a financial hit.   We also make the process convenient for you so that, in most cases, you will not have to appear in court.   We have been serving the Wake and, although based in Raleigh, we also been helping clients in the surrounding areas including Chatham, Durham and Orange since 1991.   In that time we have helped thousands of satisfied clients.   You can call or chat online directly with an attorney who has the knowledge and experience to assist you.

If you have a traffic ticket you would like to discuss with us please call 919-729-9000 for a free consultation and get a raleigh traffic ticket lawyer for your case.

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