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DWLR “non-moving violation” can cause a revocation quirk

I previously wrote about the change in the DWLR system so that a conviction of a DWLR not involved an impaired revocation is no longer considered a moving violation.

See N.C.G.S. 20-28.1. As such, a DWLR conviction will not automatically cause a one year (or longer) suspension of one’s license privilege.

However, what recently came as a surprise to me, is that a conviction of DWLR actually causes 2 license points to be point on the license record.

Therefore, a DWLR can actually cause a license revocation if the DWLR conviction results in a person accumulating 12 points (or 9 points if previously revoked for points).

This is a quirky fact since one would not think that a “non-moving” violation would not cause any license points at all. As such, be careful when pleading to a DWLR non-impaired offense especially if you have license points already assessed in past 3 years.

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