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How to Handle a Traffic Ticket to Avoid an Insurance Increase

saving money on car insurance

saving money on car insurance

One of the most important things I do as an attorney is to assist clients in mitigating the affect of a speeding ticket on insurance.

When I interview my clients I always try to find out four things;

1) What the new ticket is for;
2) What other tickets the client has been convicted of;
3) The convictions of all drivers on the insurance policy; and
4) the insurance renewal date.

All of this information is essential in order to determine the best way to handle a ticket. Take a stop sign violation for instance. If the ticket does not involve an accident then the best outcome is normally to use a prayer for judgment. However, a prayer for judgment is only available to one member of a household every three years. Therefore, if anyone else on the policy has used a prayer for judgment in the past three years then that option would not be available.

The insurance renewal date is also very important and is often overlooked by less experienced attorneys. The reason for this is that insurance rates do not adjust midterm.

When the insurance renewal date arrives the insurance company checks the records of the drivers on the policy to determine whether a rate adjustment is appropriate. As such, if the case can be continued until after a renewal date then this may solve a problem such as prayer for judgment availability or tickets within the three year experience period.

If you need help with a traffic ticket please give a call for assistance.