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School Zone Ticket Crack Down

SchoolZone-SpeedLimitSignAndLightOn the way to work today I went through 3 different school zones and at each zone there were between 2-3 officers including motorcycle officers handing out school zone tickets.    It is clear that there is a current crack down going on and drivers needs to be on the look out.   School zones can come in various forms.    The most common is the posted hours and days of operation.   The sign posted will display the hours and days that the school zone is in session.   If you are driving in the school zone during these times the speed limit will drop down from 45/35.   Be wary that some signs may be posted outside of street intersections into the zone meaning you may not see the sign.   Look for street markings.   The other less common school zone involves a flashing yellow light.   These lights were go off at times when school is in session.    It does not matter if the light is on the opposite side of the street.   If it is flashing and you are speeding then you can get a ticket.   Remember there are schools that go year round and following modified calendars.  Just because your child is not in school does not mean the school zone you are traveling through is inactive.     If you receive a ticket for speeding in a school zone then the only way to handle it is to request a prayer for judgment (PJC).    I can usually get this for my clients if my client is willing to perform community service.   The PJC only works once every three years per household.   If you have any questions call me at 919-729-9000.

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