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Speeding in a School Zone

Speeding in a School Zone Raleigh Wake County

Speeding in a School Zone Raleigh Wake County

One of the more difficult cases that I handle is the speeding in a school zone ticket.   This charge is governed by NCCGS 20-141.1 which imposes a mandatory $250.00 fine plus court costs in the event of a conviction.   A speeding in a school zone will also cause an insurance increase no matter what the speed or zone.  For instance, a first time offender convicted of speeding 30 in a 25 mph school zone will cause an insurance point whereas a first time offender found responsible for speeding 30 in a 25 non-school zone will not.      In most of these cases I attempt to use a prayer for judgment which will be allowed by some judges as long as community service is performed.   I also will look at the way the ticket is written and whether or not the school zone was clearly marked or indicated and was visible to the driver.   These can lead to defenses that may be an option in the event a prayer for judgment is not available.

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