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Suspension Caused by Car Accident

Accident Causing Revocation

Frequently I come across clients whose license has been suspended due to a car accident.  These usually fall under two types

1) failure to have insurance at the time of the accident or
2) a judgment is obtained against them in civil court as a result of a car accident.

Often the client is not even the driver of the vehicle but was sued based on their ownership of the vehicle. The reason for this suspension is set out in N.C.G.S. 20-279.5 and N.C.G.S. § 20-279.13. The revocation regarding judgments reads:

(a) The Commissioner, upon the receipt of a certified copy of a judgment, which has remained unsatisfied for a period of 60 days, shall forthwith suspend the license and any nonresident’s operating privilege of any person against whom such judgment was rendered.

The only ways to get back one’s license upon a revocation based on such a judgment are:

1) if the judgment is stayed;
2) if the judgment is satisfied (paid in full);
3) the judgment creditor waives the suspension;
4) the judgment is over ten years old (or 20 if renewed) or
5) the judgment is discharged in bankruptcy.

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